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Within my own practice, and serving as an energetic practitioner, I am most concerned with helping each person find and understand their energetic bodies as applied to their physical body. This includes utilizing tools of energy flow/frequency, and astronomy/astrology, to create a more complete picture of the patient for individualized, holistic care and direction. 

Together we will create a composition of what your current energetic body looks like, along with how outside energies might impact, or previously (& continue to) have impacted, your health. Navigating personal energetic information can give you more agency to understand and work within (and beyond) your own frequencies—at your pace and individuation—thus helping to foster a greater sense of peace and promote long-term healing. 

I truly look forward to working with you. 




I have spent over a decade studying subtle energies as applied to health. Prior to my work as an holistic medicine energetic practitioner, I have worked as a writer and a teacher. As a lifetime academic, my interests center around learning about, and respecting, energies and forces beyond us as a way to guide us within the world, and ultimately toward a higher-self. I firmly believe that there is a balance between the universe and existence, and that in honoring that balance, to our own individuation, we can have more clarity, peace, and health.

I began this path more reluctantly than most, but with honest reflection and consideration, I have learned to truly tap into the innate power within, and around each of us. I am, as a result, committed to being an ongoing student; studying both the physical and the energetic, while utilizing a holistic integrative approach to health, and in the process, hopefully teach those whom I have the privilege of helping how to benefit from such energies to serve a larger balance within themselves, too.  

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